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RIANTA - Traces of our past.

uachtarARTS Group Show 2020


OCAP is delighted to present RIANTA - Traces of our past, the first Exhibition of our 2020 Summer Arts Programme which features the work of uachtarARTS Community Arts Group.  The Exhibition had originally been planned as part of the SET IN STONE Project which was selected for Galway 2020 Small Towns Big Ideas programme.  The SET IN STONE project focuses on the research of local Archaeologist and Historian Bill Daly, who has traced the history of Oughterard back to Neolithic times.  Each of the Summer Exhibitions features Artwork created in response to this research.

RIANTA - Traces of our past includes the work of Artists Catherine O'Leanachain, Clare Hansen, Deirdre Stephens, Gil Cusack, Grainne MacManus, Jess Walsh, Kathleen Hinde, Lelia NiChathmhaoil, Mary Byrne, Maureen Mooney, Maria Hutton, Molly McHenry, Olga Magliocco, Philippa Maguire, Shona Butler, Simon Hamnell and Susanne Keane.  The Exhibition represents the broad range of skills of the members of uachtarARTS. 

uachtarARTS aim is to raise the profile of the arts in the Oughterard area, support artists and craftspeople and develop innovative ways of engaging with the arts in an inclusive environment.  The group meets on Tuesday mornings in The Courthouse in Oughterard to skill-share, run workshops and provide a social resource for artists and community members interested in the arts.   uachtarARTS would like to thank Bill Daly, Galway 2020, Galway County Council, the Clann Resource Centre and the Courthouse for their continued support.


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Artist:  Olga Magliocco

Title:  Druid's Altar - Wedge Tomb

Medium:  Video

Artist:  Shona Butler

Title:  Crainn Cosanta

Medium:  Mixed Media/Textiles

Dimensions of Artwork:  15.5cm embroidery hoop,  full height 52cm

Price: €100.00

Mary Byrne Bronze Age for me please.JPG

Artist:  Mary Byrne

Title:  Bronze Age for me please

Medium:  Mixed Media Collage

Dimensions:  65cm (w) x 52cm (h)


Artist:  Gil Cusack

Title:  The Inagh Valley set in stone of the Twelve Bens, where small ancient stone constructions respond to the dominating contours of the mountains

Medium:  Watercolour

Dimensions:  35.3cm x 17.5cm


Bill Daly's sucess at discovering prehistoric structures in the shadow of the Rusheeny Hills recalled Tim Robinson's account of his presentation to the Prehistoric Society*, where he described his excitement at discovering a Bronze Age quartz stone alignment in Gleninagh, and his interpretation of its relationship to the surrounding Mountains. 

* "Through Prehistoric Eyes":  an article from Tim Robinson's book "setting Foot on the shores of Connemara"

Gil Cusack The Inagh Valley....JPG

Artist:  Simon Hamnell

Title:  Untitled No 1

Medium:  Cellulose Paint, Steel, Concrete.

Dimensions:  55 x 35 x 70 cm(h)


"The work is partially in the tradition of the Object Trouve but distorts the basic tenets by being curated out of an unrelated process over a number of years.

The passage of time can be viewed in the micron thick layering of paint visible on the cut edge that can in turn be described as leaves from a book that tell a tale of events within the period and hints at the possible landscape that exists within, which is left to the imagination"

Artist:  Clare Hansen

Title:  Capture

Medium:  Linoprint (water-based ink)

Dimensions:  25cm x 20cm

Price:  €65.00 (unframed edition of 10)

Clare Hansen Capture.JPG

Artist:  Kathleen Hinde

Title:  So who was King Raha?

Medium:  Acrylic paint, Ink, Graphite and Collage on paper

Dimensions:  29.7cm x 42cm


"While Mammoths lived, a cairn was built. Known locally as King Raha’s Grave, at the summit of Knockacarna Hill, it is thought to be the final resting place of a person who ruled long ago. Long forgotten, nobody knows.

The romantic in me likes to think King Raha’s Grave marks the final resting place of the last Mammoth to roam Ireland. That this is imagination on my part, is shown by the placement of the mammoth/elephant at the centrepiece of the windrose.

Chart the meanderings of this imaginary Mammoth through the  prehistoric landscape that gives our place names meaning. Follow the sight lines marking roads, viewpoints and architectural forms on the geometric, abstract, ‘mapped painting’. Find the prevailing winds of Aughnanure.

Think about the red and amber geometric forms and how they signify: fire and burning to clear the land; the copper mining and smelting of the Bronze Age; and the climate change of our modern times. Ponder the fate of our Elephants. And remember this: Elephants never forget.

So who was King Raha?"

Artist:  Maria Hutton

Title:  Oughterard

Medium:  Embroidery and Felt

Dimensions:  30.5 cm x 40.7cm


Maria Hutton Oughterard.jpg
Susanne Keane Earth Cave.JPG

Artist Susanne Keane

Title:  Earth Cave

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions:  38cm x 40cm

Price:  €250.00

Artist:  Philippa Maguire

Title:  And Stones hold Memories

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price:  €220.00

Philippa Maguire And stones hold memorie

Artist:  Maureen Mooney

Title:  Lakeshore Scroll

Medium:  Textiles, Machine & Hand Embroidery

Dimensions:  60cm x 16cm (h)


Artist:  Grainne MacManus

Title:  Lake People

Medium:  Oil on Board

Dimensions:  30cm x 30cm

Price:  €150.00 (unframed)

Grainne MacManus Lake people.JPG
Molly McHenry Eternal Stone Bird.jpg

Artist:  Molly McHenry

Title:  Eternal Stone Bird

Medium:  Photography

Dimensions:  21cm x 29.7cm (A4)

Price:  €45 (unframed)

Artist:  Lelia Ni Chathmhaoil

Title:  ClochaÍ (Stones)

Medium: Textiles, Hand stitching

Dimensions:  25.5cm x 30.5cm

Price:  €240.00 (unframed)

Lelia ni Chathmahaoil Clochai.jpg
Catherine O'Leanachain Ancient Land.JPG

Artist:  Catherine O'Leanachain

Title:  Ancient Land

Medium:  Multi-media on Canvas

Dimensions:  24cm x 34cm


Artist:  Deirdre Stephens

Title:  Sea Snail

Medium:  Textiles, Mixed Media

Dimensions: 25.5cm (w) x  38cm (h)

Price:  €325.00 (unframed)

Deirdre Stephens Sea Snail.JPG
Jess Walsh 1.jpg

Artist:  Jess Walsh
Title:  Oughterard from Bunnaguipain
Medium:  Watercolour Crayons on Board
Dimensions:  50cm x 27cm

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